We created this blog in order to share memories and stories of our dear friend Ignacio Celedon (aka Fito), who was killed in an attempted robbery early in the morning on Sunday, September 12th in South Berkeley. Fito led an amazing and enthusiastic life, and we invite everyone who knew him to contribute your memories and pictures. You can also find updates here on community meetings and links to news stories about his passing and the ongoing effort to bring his killers to justice.

Fito was from Chile, and since his death his family and his fiancee's family have spent a lot of money on travel back and forth between there and the Bay Area. We've created an opportunity for you to donate in order to help offset some of these costs.

Hemos creado este blog para compartir recuerdos e historias de nuestro querido amigo Ignacio Celedón (alias Fito), quien fue asesinado en un intento de robo por la mañana temprano el domingo, 12 de septiembre en el sur de Berkeley. Fito llevado una vida increíble y entusiasta, e invitamos a todos los que lo conocieron a contribuir con sus recuerdos y fotografías. Usted también puede encontrar las actualizaciones de aquí en reuniones comunitarias y enlaces a las noticias sobre su muerte y el esfuerzo en curso para llevar a sus asesinos ante la justicia.

Fito fue de Chile, y desde su muerte, su familia y la familia de su novia han pasado un montón de dinero en viajes de ida y vuelta entre ésta y el Área de la Bahía. Hemos creado una oportunidad para que usted pueda donar para ayudar a compensar algunos de estos costos.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


If you go to the corner of Adeline and Emerson you will see in the crosswalk a painting. It says IMAGINE. Perhaps you recognize it as the mural that Yoko Ono made in Central Park, New York, after John Lennon was murdered near his home. Besides the parallels in our tragic stories, this painting means a lot more.

Fito saw in John an infectious magnetism that could change the world through his message, and so consciously or not Fito aimed to do the same. When we fell in love, he used John and Yoko's connection as an example of our own. When I visited New York, the one thing he wanted photos of was the mural in Central Park. After he died, a friend played a song she wrote the day Lennon died and I realized I needed to paint the IMAGINE to fight hatred with love.

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  1. It was a blessing for me to see you and your mom tonight and your always in my thoughts and prayers. Much love and big hugs!