We created this blog in order to share memories and stories of our dear friend Ignacio Celedon (aka Fito), who was killed in an attempted robbery early in the morning on Sunday, September 12th in South Berkeley. Fito led an amazing and enthusiastic life, and we invite everyone who knew him to contribute your memories and pictures. You can also find updates here on community meetings and links to news stories about his passing and the ongoing effort to bring his killers to justice.

Fito was from Chile, and since his death his family and his fiancee's family have spent a lot of money on travel back and forth between there and the Bay Area. We've created an opportunity for you to donate in order to help offset some of these costs.

Hemos creado este blog para compartir recuerdos e historias de nuestro querido amigo Ignacio Celedón (alias Fito), quien fue asesinado en un intento de robo por la mañana temprano el domingo, 12 de septiembre en el sur de Berkeley. Fito llevado una vida increíble y entusiasta, e invitamos a todos los que lo conocieron a contribuir con sus recuerdos y fotografías. Usted también puede encontrar las actualizaciones de aquí en reuniones comunitarias y enlaces a las noticias sobre su muerte y el esfuerzo en curso para llevar a sus asesinos ante la justicia.

Fito fue de Chile, y desde su muerte, su familia y la familia de su novia han pasado un montón de dinero en viajes de ida y vuelta entre ésta y el Área de la Bahía. Hemos creado una oportunidad para que usted pueda donar para ayudar a compensar algunos de estos costos.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Imagine: 5 years

Imagine, all that can happen in 5 year's time: people enter and graduate from college, wars are fought and peace is found, couple's meet and get married, babies are born and they run and talk, and unimaginable tragedy can be bravely challenged by love, hope and adventure.

40 years ago Fito's bright light entered this world, and although it has been 5 years since that wild smile has been seen by our human eyes, it continues to warm and educate us.

We spent his birthday with a simple task: Do something to express the fullness of what life consists of, and as you do, whisper (or shout or think), "Happy 40th Birthday Fito!"  

Here are a few of the many expressions we had:

No te acerques a mi tumba sollozando
No estoy ahi no duermo ahi
Soy el viento soplando
Soy como un diamante en la nieve brillando.
Soy la luz del sol sobre el grano brillando
Soy la lluvia gentil del otoño esperando cuando despiertes
En la tranquila mañana
Soy la bandada de oajaris que trina.
Soy tambien las estrellas que titilan mientras cae la noche en tu ventana. 
Por eso no te acerques a mo tumba sollozando...

Remembering Fito today. Feeling grateful for a full, wonderous life.

El día sábado 12 recordaremos su partida y su cumpleaños 40 en una misa a las seis de la tarde. Junto a nuestra gran pena celebraremos con alegría su cumpleaños, pues el quería y vivió la vida con intensidad, le cantaremos el cumpleaños feliz y a través de ello nos uniremos todos los que lo queremos y recordamos.

Feliz Cumpleaños Fito y Coca: https://vimeo.com/139055582

Of course Ignacio is never far from my mind, especially in the late summer. This Saturday also coincides with Jugglefest here on Lopez, a sort of homegrown regional celebration of circus arts and stage goofery. I know he approves!

No doubt we all miss Fito a lot, despite these 5 years. His spirit and passion is within our minds and hearts.
I don’t know why, but during last time I’ve been thinking and remembering him through the music. Do you know the Canadian band Magic! ? Here in Chile they were known thanks to the hit “Rude”, and when I started to focus in the lyrics and the vocalist style, my thought was: “Hey, that guy has the style, the clothes, the way of Fito…”, then I laugh and though “maybe this is the way Fito could communicate with me”… also another way to cheer up this not-easy story….
Anyway, next Saturday 12th  we will probably be in the South of Chile, (at Puyehue, near Puerto Octay), because we are going to take some holidays. We will certainly remember him there, with Lili and our kids.

All the love in this day.  i miss him so much
Happy Birthday Fito!

Today it has been 5 years since you left us on your Birthday! You would be 40 today!!! If I could I would make you Thanksgiving dinner with my gravy that you loved so much. Today I celebrate that I was blessed to love you!! Today I celebrate you!! HAPPY 40th BIRTHDAY in Heaven my sweet Angel!!  💟💟💟   feel free to say " HAPPY BIRTHDAY Fito"!!! 

Nosotros (sus amigos de colegio) nunca hemos dejado de recordar al Fito en su Cumpleaños, juntos o separados siempre levantamos una copa o miramos al cielo y decimos Feliz Cumpleaños amigo, asi mismo será este año. Asi que no dudes que estaremos contigo en espíritu celebrando a nuestro amigo.


I was at the farm on Fito's day. Then I drove to Durham for a meeting. I had a long conversation with Fito -we talked about Minions mostly and you, I imagine conversations more as I age, maybe wishful thinking that I will be available to the living when I'm gone. He remains present in my life.  I think it is his joy. I know it is his optimism: I can not tolerate pessimists. So I need him. It is his optimism in spite of his keen awareness of the evil all around. And I respect his counter way of actively changing the world with a mask. He likes the Minion movie because of its counter activism, seeking to serve the most evil in the world but then serving good. Atticus likes Minions too.
It is interesting that with time, I now think and feel differently about Fito. For so long I was only attending to your pain and suffering. And the unfairness of his death to him, abstractly, but to you in all present ways. Now you are growing with new life, never to be the same as then, but never forgetting and wiser for the suffering. Fito can come to me now as a joyful, inspiring memory without just being painful for you. Remember I was sitting under the ancient ginko tree in Kyoto when Marcia told me his death. Now he and I sit under the old maple tree at the farm and talk of the love of his life. We love you dearly.

Today, Sept 12, is the 40th birthday and the 5th year anniversary of the 
unsolved murder of 'Fito', a man who wanted nothing more than to bring peace and love into everyone's heart. 
I only knew him for a short time, but I saw how he affected those around him. He had such an appreciation and saw the joy and beauty in some of the simplest things in life, things we all take for granted. He was the glue that brought people together, no matter what your status. 
He loved and protected my daughter.
He is my hero.
Always in my heart...and never, ever forgotten
Listen to the words Sly speaks and sings in this song from the '60's, these words still ring true today.
This is Fito's mantra
: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=prp4kWG0ZbU

Recordaremos todos al gran Fito y tendremos presente su cumpleaños de 40 años. El Sábado hay una misa en el colegio a las 18:00 hrs. 

I sat in the woods and floated on the water and visited the garden you made today, many times, in my heart.

It's crazy to think five years have passed. Sometimes it feels like forever ago and other times only just yesterday. When I think of you and Fito, I still have this image of you teaching and giving a presentation in Randy's class and Fito sitting in to admiring every moment of you in the glow of the projector. It's one of the few times I experienced you both together and even though it was an ordinary moment, it still feels so vivid. . . . I'm dating a handsome lad, and we just moved in together not too far from Fito's garden. We're planning to stroll over after work today and plant a few succulents I got for Fito.

We went to the place closest to the heavens to salute you and honor you.
Tuvimos que subir hasta el lugar que está más cerca del cielo en esta ciudad para felicitarte y homenajearte. 

Feliz 40 Aniversário! 

Adolfo Ignacio Celadón Bravo
1975 -  2010

¡Viva Fito!

- Obrigada, Mi Amor -

Friday, September 12, 2014

4 year mandalas

Fito made this mandala from Puerto Octay, Chile in November 2009, saying,  ´¨Here is my Hippie - Mandala made with natural flowers from the south of Chile, coming from my heart..See you later under the Mandalas

39 years, 4 years. We love and remember you today and always, Fito. These mandalas are infinite, and reflect your influence on our lives. Happy Birthday.

From Amber Daniela in Terra Caida, Sergipe, Brazil

From K-Co in Santiago, Chile 

From Ale in Santiago, Chile 

From Cecil in Brooklyn, NY

From Clare in Parc du Cinquiantenaire, Brussels

From Mamacita and Granny in St. Louis, MO

Please email your mandalas to amberdnelson@gmail.com and she will put them up here!

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

September 12, 2013
Almost impossible to believe it has been 3 years since Fito transitioned... his birth and death day were observed at the garden with some friends and family.  Their presence made an unimaginably difficult day much easier.  Alejandra visited from Chile and it was perfect timing because it was the last day in our apartment, so she was able to help me say goodbye to the place where we happily lived together, if only for a short time.  As in years past, Rolando Ortega Chilean Consulate came to the garden as did several news outlets (NBC News, ABC News).  I am now in Baja California, in the midst of the grand migration towards Brazil for the 2014 World Cup! Please follow this adventure at the following blog: b2bxb.tumblr.com.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Happy Birthday Fito!


here's just some of the things I've heard these last few days...sorry to post w/o permission!

-My thoughts are with you. Thanks for sharing!
 -just wanted you to know i was thinking of you yesterday.
-Tiny pancake sandwich

 ...gets pretty freaked out about having lost Fito, but I hope to...

-we will be there - should i bring some empanadas? 

-I will bring some beers and a pot full of new mexico pinto beans. XO

-GOT IT IN DA BAG...should i bring the...

-I can think of nothing better than eating empanadas for days. 

-We love you and miss you.

-Se te extraña muchisimo!!!!! 

-El fito nos observa orgulloso de
tener tantas bellas personas a su alrededor!!!!! Que suerte la nuestra
de poder compartirla!!!!!!!! 

-- Tengo una deuda, una gran deuda de escribir
su obra, la obra de su hernosa vida!!! Debo valorar si hacer una obra
de teatro, un  guión cinematográfico o ambas!!!!

-como estuvo tu dia?

-Fuerza y todo mi amor, fuimos hoy al cementerio lo dejamos lindo , llevamos una torta y Coca apago las velitas por los dos, tomamos cervecita en lata y le echamos a el tambien , fue triste y divertido , alli nos encontramos con unos amigos que compartieron con nosotros

-I think Fito is loving your project of love!!....
- I hope that handsome face is in my dreams again soon :)

-It 'was a beautiful day today, and a beautiful day to celebrate Fito's 37th birthday.

-Beautiful -  I feel like i am part of it.  Can't even explain how or why.

-Thank you for sharing your story.

-The brugmansia was quietly talking.

- <3 rip fito !!

-Fito has our back and he is always going to watch over you and us forever  FITO FOREVER !!!

-OMG swwetie the news stories were awesome!! You were awesome!! I am so glad

-i ordered 3 dinners from la familia

-you and Fito are on my mind... And I hope there is some peace and light to be found in all of this.

-u n Fito will be in my thoughts.
 -made me think of fito a lot. and the senselessness of most things. and the way my little human brain wants to find meaning but sometimes it's just not there. 

-"I don’t know if it’s like a tree and the roots go down or if it’s the other way — that the roots get put in and the branches go up,” he said. “It’s about building community and saying yes when life cancels your vote."

-so sorry I couldnt be around to mourn with you

-we continue to pray that you and Fito find Peace, and Justice. Love and embrace eachother in the Now, visualize your Peace together and it will find you.

- Been thinking of you. Hope yesterday went well for you.

- I have probably never been involved with anything this beautiful and real before.

-Que el Pito te siga dando fuerza desde donde este (que seguro esta mejor que nosotros) ... Finalmente, es el legado que para mi me ha hecho mas sentido... Disfrutar esta vida, el hoy y el ahora..


Monday, December 12, 2011

Happy Birthday to Fito's Garden

Today Fito's Garden turns one!

December 2010
One year ago a group of buddies, Granny and I converted the derelict strip of earth near where Fito and I were attacked and began the beautiful garden that it is today... we turned hate into love, poison into medicine. We planted mainly Aeonium, Echeveria, Crassula and Brassica (red cabbage and purple Kale). We sprinkled cover crop seeds Trifolium and Vicia to help the soil stay rich in nutrients.

February 2011
The cover crops Purple Vetch and Crimson Clover came in quickly and they made a beautiful, thick green blanket where just 2 months before was a just a pile of clay and litter.

April 2011

The Vetch and clover grew HUGE and the garden was a mix of green, purple, and red. The bees loved it and at any time there were up to 8-9 species of bees at the garden! Mom and I also planted a beautiful white/green flowering Bougainvillea.

May 2011
By May the California poppies (Eschscholzia californica) that I had casually thrown on top the soil in late December were in full bloom. We cut down the cover crops to return the nutrients to the plants that would need it during the summer. We planted some cacti, agave and plants native to Chile, a Lotus called parrot's beak and another resembling the state flower the copihue.

June 2011
The cabbage, kale and poppies have grown HUGE too!

July 2011
These dry months gave the succulents and cacti a chance to mature. Many are now producing beautiful next generation babies. The ice plant ground covers are triving and even the 'weeds' (we call them 'plantitas') are welcome as long as they don't bully the other plants.

August 2011
Plants continue to accumulate and fill-in almost all the empty spaces in the garden. Its becoming one of the most biodiverse pieces of land in Berkeley! We always bring back beautiful stones and pebbles from our travels to enrich the cultural diversity as well.

September 2011
We had a big garden day on Sept 12, and my family from Livermore came and gave us VIVA FITO stickers! Then Fito's family came from Chile to be present during the difficult time that marked one year of Fito's passing. They planted a beautiful flowering vine and a Lavandula, the same species which Fito had planted at their house years before.

October 2011
The succulents are really happy and their colors complement each other so well.

November 2011
We had a special installation for Dia de los Muertos. Initially created in Garfield Park in San Francisco for the parade, these god's eyes, pictures and candles looked stunning in the garden. For thanksgiving we put some delicious fruits on the cut tree. With much love we planted a Parahebes from Australia to honor Bayfair, the beloved cockatiel we'll dearly miss.

December 2011
At one year old, the garden has already gone through probably 6 major 'versions' and is going stronger than ever. We expanded the area of the garden to the entire strip and for now that area is beginnig with Delosperma ground cover, Aeonium and a beautiful trumpet flowering shrub Datura. Eventually, the garden will need to survive without the daily care it has been receiving this year, so we are aiming to make it as drought tolerant and low-maintenance as possible.

If you have other photos to share, please send them on to amberdnelson@gmail.com.

Finally, many many THANK YOU's to everyone who has helped to make this garden special- Chuck, Jim, Kurt, Nathan, Hugo, Dennis,
Ang, Bobby, Stephanie, Darryl, Alex, Shaleece, Rachel, Cecil, Nicole, Melanie, Granny, Mom, Dad, the Celedón's, Antonio from Flaco's, and surely many others.