We created this blog in order to share memories and stories of our dear friend Ignacio Celedon (aka Fito), who was killed in an attempted robbery early in the morning on Sunday, September 12th in South Berkeley. Fito led an amazing and enthusiastic life, and we invite everyone who knew him to contribute your memories and pictures. You can also find updates here on community meetings and links to news stories about his passing and the ongoing effort to bring his killers to justice.

Fito was from Chile, and since his death his family and his fiancee's family have spent a lot of money on travel back and forth between there and the Bay Area. We've created an opportunity for you to donate in order to help offset some of these costs.

Hemos creado este blog para compartir recuerdos e historias de nuestro querido amigo Ignacio Celedón (alias Fito), quien fue asesinado en un intento de robo por la mañana temprano el domingo, 12 de septiembre en el sur de Berkeley. Fito llevado una vida increíble y entusiasta, e invitamos a todos los que lo conocieron a contribuir con sus recuerdos y fotografías. Usted también puede encontrar las actualizaciones de aquí en reuniones comunitarias y enlaces a las noticias sobre su muerte y el esfuerzo en curso para llevar a sus asesinos ante la justicia.

Fito fue de Chile, y desde su muerte, su familia y la familia de su novia han pasado un montón de dinero en viajes de ida y vuelta entre ésta y el Área de la Bahía. Hemos creado una oportunidad para que usted pueda donar para ayudar a compensar algunos de estos costos.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Happy Birthday to Fito's Garden

Today Fito's Garden turns one!

December 2010
One year ago a group of buddies, Granny and I converted the derelict strip of earth near where Fito and I were attacked and began the beautiful garden that it is today... we turned hate into love, poison into medicine. We planted mainly Aeonium, Echeveria, Crassula and Brassica (red cabbage and purple Kale). We sprinkled cover crop seeds Trifolium and Vicia to help the soil stay rich in nutrients.

February 2011
The cover crops Purple Vetch and Crimson Clover came in quickly and they made a beautiful, thick green blanket where just 2 months before was a just a pile of clay and litter.

April 2011

The Vetch and clover grew HUGE and the garden was a mix of green, purple, and red. The bees loved it and at any time there were up to 8-9 species of bees at the garden! Mom and I also planted a beautiful white/green flowering Bougainvillea.

May 2011
By May the California poppies (Eschscholzia californica) that I had casually thrown on top the soil in late December were in full bloom. We cut down the cover crops to return the nutrients to the plants that would need it during the summer. We planted some cacti, agave and plants native to Chile, a Lotus called parrot's beak and another resembling the state flower the copihue.

June 2011
The cabbage, kale and poppies have grown HUGE too!

July 2011
These dry months gave the succulents and cacti a chance to mature. Many are now producing beautiful next generation babies. The ice plant ground covers are triving and even the 'weeds' (we call them 'plantitas') are welcome as long as they don't bully the other plants.

August 2011
Plants continue to accumulate and fill-in almost all the empty spaces in the garden. Its becoming one of the most biodiverse pieces of land in Berkeley! We always bring back beautiful stones and pebbles from our travels to enrich the cultural diversity as well.

September 2011
We had a big garden day on Sept 12, and my family from Livermore came and gave us VIVA FITO stickers! Then Fito's family came from Chile to be present during the difficult time that marked one year of Fito's passing. They planted a beautiful flowering vine and a Lavandula, the same species which Fito had planted at their house years before.

October 2011
The succulents are really happy and their colors complement each other so well.

November 2011
We had a special installation for Dia de los Muertos. Initially created in Garfield Park in San Francisco for the parade, these god's eyes, pictures and candles looked stunning in the garden. For thanksgiving we put some delicious fruits on the cut tree. With much love we planted a Parahebes from Australia to honor Bayfair, the beloved cockatiel we'll dearly miss.

December 2011
At one year old, the garden has already gone through probably 6 major 'versions' and is going stronger than ever. We expanded the area of the garden to the entire strip and for now that area is beginnig with Delosperma ground cover, Aeonium and a beautiful trumpet flowering shrub Datura. Eventually, the garden will need to survive without the daily care it has been receiving this year, so we are aiming to make it as drought tolerant and low-maintenance as possible.

If you have other photos to share, please send them on to amberdnelson@gmail.com.

Finally, many many THANK YOU's to everyone who has helped to make this garden special- Chuck, Jim, Kurt, Nathan, Hugo, Dennis,
Ang, Bobby, Stephanie, Darryl, Alex, Shaleece, Rachel, Cecil, Nicole, Melanie, Granny, Mom, Dad, the Celedón's, Antonio from Flaco's, and surely many others.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


If you go to the corner of Adeline and Emerson you will see in the crosswalk a painting. It says IMAGINE. Perhaps you recognize it as the mural that Yoko Ono made in Central Park, New York, after John Lennon was murdered near his home. Besides the parallels in our tragic stories, this painting means a lot more.

Fito saw in John an infectious magnetism that could change the world through his message, and so consciously or not Fito aimed to do the same. When we fell in love, he used John and Yoko's connection as an example of our own. When I visited New York, the one thing he wanted photos of was the mural in Central Park. After he died, a friend played a song she wrote the day Lennon died and I realized I needed to paint the IMAGINE to fight hatred with love.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

I love Fito's Family, so much

Me siento aqui y pienso sobre la gente mas maravillosa y entra en la mente la familia de mi amor.

Ahora mi familia porque somos lo que tenemos de Pito.
Nosotros y todos los recuerdos.

Estoy pensando en este minuto en su mamá, mi mamá, mi suegrita, Maria de la Luz Bravo.
Una mujer fuerte,
chistosita y

puede adivinar los sentamientos de su familia antes que occuran,
cocinar un küjen apropriada para el rey,
y enseñarte todo sobre las temas de hoteles y limpieza.

tambien puede poner el fuego en la estufa,
bailar en la piscina con ropa,
y plantar Jacarandas.

Sabe como cantar,
y manejar!

Hacer mermelada,
pastel de choclo,
y bromas ricas.

En este momento su mundo esta con tormenta,
y quiero deseala
que tenga un Dia Madre con tranquilidad.

"Te Quiero, Mamá,"

el está contigo hoy dia, y cada dia.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

6 months: Viva Fito Block Party

Repainting sacred ground

Some of the sidewalk art

Press Conference with Alejadra, me, the Berkeley Police, and the Consulate General of Chile

Music complements of Burnt, and guest singer

Cake brought by a sweet neighbor

....more pics to come... please email me yours so I can put them up. If the file is big, please send through yousendit.com.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Viva Fito Block Party: March 12

To honor Fito in the way he'd appreciate best, we are throwing him a block party on his half-birthday and 6-month date of his death. We will be performing and making art, playing music, and raising awareness to the amazing person that Fito was. We also want to remind the community that the horrific murderers whom took him away from us are still not charged. Unfortunately finding justice will never bring him back or revoke the pain we feel, but it is the only method we have for making peace with such an inexplicable crime.

Please join us on March 12 for this special day. Fito's sister Alejandra from Chile is even going to be here. If you have ideas or would like to contribute by playing music, making art or helping to advertise, please email Amber at amberdnelson@gmail.com.

Otherwise, see you on March 12... a schedule of events is soon forthcoming.